About Talking Houses

Talking Houses are based in Sunderland Tyne and Wear in the Heart of The North East.

We have been involved in the residential housing market for over sixty years across three generations.

Our primary area of influence is the North East of England where our offices are based; however our network of contacts covers the whole country.

Our connections are unique to us and cover every aspect of the residential property market in the UK

Over the decades we have dealt in every area of the property market, starting way back in the sixties with ‘houses in multiple occupancy’ let out to professional people. In the early eighties we entered the ‘buy to let’ market.  As one of the first entrants into that market, we were quickly established as one of the major players in that arena. From the late eighties to the early two thousands we were involved in construction. As well as traditional construction methods, we used a new construction method for that time, which entailed building retirement bungalows using foam blocks instead of traditional breeze blocks. We built these on behalf of a large housing association in N.E. England.

For three generations we have been commercially involved in the property market. We are particularly involved in the buy to let market, with a diverse portfolio.

Talking Houses work with a close coalition of like minded property professionals including specialist property lawyers, accountants, surveyors, and building supplies merchants. We have our own teams of qualified professional trades people we have worked closely with for a number of years.

We have always sourced our financing arrangements from the private investment market. Our investment opportunities are providing steady returns to our investors.  As an example, some of our buy to let investors are currently enjoying returns of between 10% and 20%.

We are constantly seeking new and innovative approaches to the residential property investment market in terms of financing and offering our investors reliable, steady returns. We are also at the cutting edge of construction methods including offsite manufacturing and assembly.

Opportunity is all about timing.  We believe that the time is right for re—engaging in building homes.  This in part is stimulated by the governments recent ‘Housing White Paper’, (There is more about this on our home page)..

There is a massive need for new homes, caused by an ever growing population with people living far longer due to the huge advances in healthcare.

The lack of affordable homes stimulates the rental sector which is now forecast to grow well into the future, giving rise to opportunities for both private and institutional investors. The need for more affordable homes opens up further opportunities for investors (see our development page). We are well placed to capitalise these on behalf of our clients.

We are very excited by the future and we cordially invite you to visit or call to discuss how our products and services can assist you in achieving your investment goals.