Posted on July 14th 2017

As we continually research our market always looking to maintain and develop our market position we take regular looks at how are markets are performing, both nationally and internationally, (we have many overseas clients), and as part of this research we keep a keen interest in our competitor’s websites. We noticed that on many websites the advice is given that emotion should be kept well away from the buying protocol. With the greatest of respect to our competitors we would like to politely disagree.

What is an “EMOTION”?

An emotion is a complex psychological state that involves three distinct components.

  1. A Subjunctive experience.
  2. A Psychological response.
  3. A behavioural or expressive response. *(Hockenbury & Hockenbury 2007).

Emotion is a very useful guide during the sales process for both the sales person and the potential buyer.  Being able to interpret the emotional expressions of a potential buyer and tying this in to our own emotional intelligence plays a major part in understanding each other’s body language and an important role in how we interpret a selling and/or buying situation.

For example, how many times have we heard a buyer say. “My gut reaction tells me to go ahead with the deal, or indeed “my thoughts are (EMOTION) I want to go home and mull it over”.

We think our competitors statement about “EMOTION” is slightly misleading we believe as evidenced above that emotion plays a vital role in any buying decision.

Conversely, we always tell our clients that they are buying an investment and not to get hung up about the colour of the wallpaper or the thickness of the worktops in the kitchen, but to look on their property as a seven to ten-year investment and A BOX THAT MAKES MONEY.