Posted on July 14th 2017

To be the owner of your own home in the UK. Is a birth right, “an Englishman’s home is his castle”, Unfortunately in today’s world it is becoming increasingly difficult for young people to get on the “housing ladder,” the cost alone of buying a home puts home ownership way beyond the reach and wallets of most. This becomes more and more evident to us as we see the growing success of our “Buy to Let” business the growth in the need for quality rented accommodation has been nothing short of phenomenal.  However, we realize that despite the cost of buying a home it still remains the dream and aspirations of young people throughout our land. We have spent some considerable time looking at ways of building more homes, that by utilising innovative building methods, exercising tight budgetary controls and an approach to the purchase of the right development sites where we can complement existing communities enables us to build affordable homes in areas where people want to live.

Again, the Governments “Housing White Paper”, strongly supports our argument, with the government committing to smaller builders, by way of up to four billion pounds of funding with emphasis on affordable housing in both the social and private housing market and of course the “home purchase assist programme” to enable young people to get on that first important rung of the housing ladder.

The Government are also committing to exercising far stronger controls over national and regional planning authorities ensuring that suitable development land, quality brownfield sites, is made available far more quickly and that the unsavoury practice of larger building companies sitting for years on large tracts of good building land is to be a thing of the past.

We are tremendously encouraged by our own thinking being so well supported by the Government, confirmation indeed that the way ahead is clear opening the door to, not only an exciting future for our firm but also a real opportunity for property investors to come on board with us.

If you would like more information on the opportunities that are available, both in our new affordable homes building programme or our “Buy to Let” programme please send for a copy of our “New Build Prospectus”, or our “Buy to Let Brochure”. Or put your details in the box provided on this website, our office will contact you from there.

The governments housing white paper can be viewed in its entirety at