Purchasing Figures

2 Bed End Terrace.
Purchase Price: £56,000
Stamp Duty: £1,680
Refurb: £20,000
Post Works Value: £105,000
Rent: £525.00 Per Month
Buy, Renovate and refinance.
Over 57% Return On Investment
Only Leave in £4,420 in Deal After Refinance
Amazing Location and Transport Links.
Biggest Shopping Centre In The North East 10 Minute Drive
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Key Features

We Calculate the returns by first adding all of the initial cash investment together, then what ever the estimated end value is multiply it by the loan amount of the mortgage and then subtract that from the initial investment. This will show you how much money you have left in the deal and then divide that figure by the net rental income per year, then this will give you the return on investment on you money left in the deal. If you need a copy of our calculations, please let us know.

Return on Investment