Posted on July 14th 2017

Tuesdays with Dad

We do dinner every Tuesday, this is a long-standing ritual and these times are very special for us both.  As the evening wears on and a glass or three has been imbibed, our conversations often turn to times past.  I tell my dad this is an old man thing which he categorically denies. Last Tuesday evening was a typical occasion,  We have both been associated with the property market for many years and were mulling over where the future lay,  It was so interesting to cast our minds back to the late 1990s and early 2000s and remember the market then, It was astonishing to recall that in those days a terraced property could be purchased for as little as £2000 and an ex local authority property for £6000,  We have been a major player in these areas for more years than I care to remember , nowadays these same properties are being sold for £50,000 to £110,000, and £75,000 to £125,000 respectively.  We both agreed that we wished we had been a lot bolder in those heady days, but where is the future going?  We believe that my journey through property is only just beginning and that the future of property investment and the many opportunities it presents is in its infancy.