Posted on July 14th 2017

“Barclays” research team are looking at property “hotspots” across the UK. with predictions revealing the areas where both house prices and rental incomes are expected to rise.

“Barclay, s” forecast that despite economic and political uncertainty in the UK., s residential property market it will continue to be buoyant.  They predict that over the next five-year period, the growth in the private housing market, aligned with an increase in average earnings and high employment levels will all contribute to rising property prices in the UK.

Of course, we expect that London property prices will continue to rise, however at a much slower rate. Whereas more and more property investors are looking to the north of England for excellent value for money with rising yields and very strong (3%-6% p.a.) growth forecasts.

Our own view is quite simple, “why spend an average of £500,000 to purchase an investment property in London or the South east? When you could build up to a ten-strong portfolio of properties in the North-east.

We believe it is almost impossible to predict the next property “hotspot” as by the time it becomes a “hotspot the savvy investor has already bought into the best properties. “Hotspots are created, in our opinion by being able to look at the potential in an area and investing in the regeneration of that area. Then others follow and build and create a community where people want to live.